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Twin Tiers Synagogues Unify

posted Nov 6, 2010, 1:53 PM by Webmaster Doubletriangle   [ updated Nov 6, 2010, 3:30 PM ]

Press Release

WETM- Nov.4 2010
Elmira, N.Y. - The two Jewish congregations located in West Elmira are planning to unify. On Sunday, October 31st, members of congregations Shomray Hadath and B'nai Israel voted in favor of unifying the religious institutions.

Both synagogues are located on West Water Street.  The plan is to sell the B'nai Israel structure and make renovations to Shomray Hadath where combined members will unite.

Presidents of both congregations say over time, the institutions have lost members and the number of Jewish families in the Twin Tiers is dwindling.  They say this plan is a way to form one jewish entity while providing the entire community with exciting programs and events.

B'nai Israel President, John Goldman, says, "The more people we have working together in one place, the stronger the community is. And that helps the overall community."

Shomray Hadath President, David Siskin, says, "Embracing things they may not be familiar with and excepting it and run with it. Create something brand new- that's what's so exciting, it's like we're starting all over."

Both presidents say the plan is in the early stages.  Up next, members will vote on a new name for the congregation.  Members will also elect new executive officers and board members.

Both synagogues have been in Elmira since the late 1800's.

Star-Gazette Nov 5 2010

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