Yahrzeit and Yizkor

It has come to our attention that we may have been remiss in a delicate area of concern and support for the members of the Jewish Community.

We have a computer program, that assists us in notifying members of upcoming Yahrzeits      (יאָרצײַט) of their deceased relatives. “Yahrtzeit" literally means "time of  year". We are in the process of expanding the program so that all members, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, can be reminded of the anniversary of their loved ones' deaths.

If you know the civil calendar date of death of a loved one, we can add that information to our database and notify you by mail of the upcoming Hebrew Calendar anniversary.

While not required, it is desirable for one to come to the synagogue on the Sabbath prior to the actual anniversary date of death to remember your departed loved one in a demonstrative way, by reciting the Mourner’s Kaddish along with others who are doing the same. 

In view of recent changes to our constitution regarding membership to non-Jewish mates of Jewish members, the question has been asked whether it is appropriate or even allowed to say Kaddish for a non-Jewish person.  It is not only allowed; it is desirable. 

Accordingly, we encourage all such non-Jewish members--as well as all Jewish members who have not provided such information in the past--to please call or write or email the office and provide the dates of death of any loved one whom you would care to remember in this way.

Similarly, the question has been raised about installation of a Yahrzeit plaque on the wall in the main sanctuary for a non-Jewish person.  Again, this is not only allowed; it is desirable. 

We encourage ALL our members, Jewish and Non-Jewish alike, to consider purchasing a memorial yarhzeit plaque. Purchasing a memorial yarhzeit plaque for display in the main sanctuary is a wonderful opportunity to honor the memory of a loved one.

Each plaque contains the name and date of death. These can be in both English and Hebrew or in English only.  The lights next to each individual plaque are lit during the month of the anniversary of their death, and all the lights on the large plaque are lit four times a year on days when a special memorial prayer is recited. 

This special memorial prayer, יזכּור)) Yizkor means "remembrance". The Yizkor service is recited on Yom Kippur, on Shemini Atzeret--that is sometimes referred to as the eighth day of Sukkot, on the last day of Passover, and on the second day of Shavuot.

Every year newly installed plaques are dedicated during the Yizkor service on the second day of Shavuot.

Please contact us with any requests or questions you may have.

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Dec 6, 2009, 9:06 AM
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